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The course is design for Active Excel user without programming knowledge to automate your repetitive excel task​


Demo on 1 Click Report

Excel macro is a powerful tool that missed by a lot of active Excel user

Macro is an essential skill that helps automate your tasks or reports which you are doing it daily, monthly and quarterly.

Demo on Multiple Files Creation

Demo on Headcount Movement Report

Demo on Restructure of  Financial data

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2 Days workshop on Excel Macro

  • Improve efficiency: the course is design for you or your employees to learn the Excel macro function and key techniques to automate your Excel tasks or reports.

  • No programming knowledge require: the course is design for layman to create the Macro from scratch and the ability to modify and improve going forward.  

  • Hand on practice: a lot of step by step hands on practices to ensure learner master the skills. In this highly interactive workshop, learners will be trained with smart techniques that they can apply what was learned to their own Excel task in day 2 of the course.

  • Subsidise by Singapore Skillsfuture: learner can use your Skillsfuture fund to pay for the course.

Course fee: S$180 per day

Total Course Fee: S$360 for 2 days

Want to learn more about our workshop? Contact me today at 91785848

course outline

Kenneth Tan comes with over 12 years of experience in Costing and Financial accounting and 12 years of IT Business System rollout experience, mainly in the SAP system. Kenneth in his career in Accounting and Finance self-learning Excel Macro and helps improve working efficiency for his entire career. He does not know any programming knowledge but is able to make good uses of Macro’s self-recording function automate all Excel repetitive task and report. He believed the skill and techniques should be able to benefit all active Excel users to improve their efficiency and spent more time on more meaningful task.

Kenneth Tan


Background of the Facilitator: Kenneth Tan


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